UK Judge reveals details on the HTC One successor’s launch date

In today’s ruling on the patent case between Nokia and HTC, the UK high court judge Richard Arnold revealed details on the HTC One successor’s launch date. The Taiwanese company’s next flagship is said to launch in the UK in February or March 2014.

The timeframe is included into the judge’s decision which allowed HTC to continue selling its flagship smartphone in the UK (the HTC One mini wasn’t so lucky). Regarding the possibility of halting the HTC One sales, the magistrate argued that “there is a period between now and February or March 2014 when HTC is vulnerable”. The aforementioned period comes from evidence submitted by Nokia.

No further details on the upcoming range-topping device from HTC were provided in the judge’s decision. Past leaks, stage in HTC M8 along with 5” 1080 pixels screen and Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 SoC arriving our own method.

LG starts rolling out G Flex in global markets

LG has announced that they will start rolling out their innovative G Flex smartphone globally started on December. The phone will initially be available in key Asian markets and then in other regions around the world.

In Singapore, you will be able to pre-order the G Flex starting December 8 whereas those in Hong Kong will be able to get their hands on it on December 13 through major carriers and retailers.

LG G Flex is the first phone with an flexible Plastic OLED (P-OLED) display that not only has a slight curve but can also be bent to some extent. It also has a unique self-healing back that hides minor scratches after some time. Inside, it has the same basic hardware as the LG G2 but with an even bigger 3, 500mAh electric battery regardless of the curvity.

Russia’s dual-screen YotaPhone goes on sale

We very first heard of the actual YotaPhone a complete year back , whenever Ruskies organization Yota introduced the programs of including an e-ink display to a smartphone. The final product is now available in Russia and parts of Europe with dual 4. 3″ displays on either side.

The e-ink display on the back of the device sports a resolution of a somewhat paltry 640 x 360 pixels, but enhances the user experience by displaying images and notifications from the primary LCD on the front while conserving on battery life at the same time. Since e-ink doesn’t consume resources when displaying static images, its usefulness when reading ebooks or notifications is immense.

The rear display is not a touchscreen itself, but features a “capacitive touch zone” underneath for gesture controls.

Otherwise, the YotaPhone is your standard mid-range smartphone. It features a dual-core 1. 7GHz Krait CPU, with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. Yota has managed to squeeze in 13MP primary camera on the back with 1080p video recording, as well as a 1MP front-facer. As an added bonus there’s LTE support as well, and it’s all powered by a respectable 1, 800 mAh electric battery. The YotaPhone operates Android 4. 2. 2 Jelly Pulses.

Yota has its own 500, 000 preliminary models accessible throughout the release marketplaces, including Russia, Germany, France, Austria, and Spain. The device is actually anticipated to after that available in the united kingdom, Portugal, Czech Republic, and Cyprus in Jan. Read the rest of this entry »

Samsung Galaxy S5 benchmark reveals 2K screen

As the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is actually occupied looking after to the range topping responsibilities for Samsung, the actual inheritor to the actual Galaxy S4 is actually creating head lines continuously accumulating the actual buzz.

The most recent gossips issue the entire body and a few of the specifications. In accordance to EMSOne, the Japanese-based web site, ODM Heurter Technologies (Taiwan), BYD (China) and Ju Teng (Taiwan) continues to be designated to create among 10 and 30 million unibody metallic covers for the following high-grade Galaxy device. Which could perfectly come out to become the Galaxy S5.

This particular suits perfectly using the leaked out metallic framework coming from observed prior to that was additionally stated to become for the actual Galaxy S5.
A few gossips are leaving clues in a two-pronned strategy through Samsung – making a metal-clad range topping of a brand new F collection together with an all-plastic S-series associate.

And in other information the device, by the title of Samsung SM-G900S, offers sprang upward on GFX Along with operating on the highly-clocked Snapdragon 800 chip-set and the actual Adreno 330 GRAPHICS. The time clock reaches the majority of 2. 46GHz. Unfortunately that isn’t the actual Snapdragon 805 along with Adreno four twenty GRAPHICS neither is this the actual 64-bit Exynos nick we are going to expecting to notice at some point.
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Three UK launches 4G network, drops roaming charges in USA

The UNITED KINGDOM service provider 3 introduced some good information to the customers these days. 3 just released the 4-G system over the UNITED KINGDOM, nevertheless rollout will certainly accelerate a lot in the following 30 days and complete by the finish of Q1, 2014. Therefore a fairly large part of three UNITED KINGDOM customers will certainly capable to take pleasure in 4-G systems following springtime in no extra price.

3 has additionally introduced it is currently shedding the actual running around costs for the actual USA, Philippines, Macau and Sri Kemzryn?. What this means is three UNITED KINGDOM clients will have the ability to utilize their own totally free minutes, text messaging and information during travel abroad. The phone calls and communications to non-UK figures is going to be billed as prior to, of training course.

The service provider has already been providing exactly the same roaming-free solutions for 9 nations – Australia, Austria, Denmark, Hk, Eire, Italy, and Laxa, sweden. These people are component of the feeling In Home bundle and 3 programs to increase their own accessibility in much more nations in the near future.